Spot owners earn money listing their spots.

Listing is easy and free; share your spot and earn money while you're not using it! Renting your spot just two days a week can earn you an extra $350 a month - not too bad for doing nothing!


Drivers easily find and reserve parking online or mobile.

Going to an event? Driving to the city for the day? Or just want a better daily rate? ParkPlease provides you with access to hundreds of spots around the city. Your spot is guaranteed and there are no hidden fees. Spend your time doing what you love, not looking for a parking spot!

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A safe and trusted community.

ParkPlease verifies all Spot Owners and Drivers. Communication is key to any relationship and we provide centralized communication tools to ensure a smooth and safe experience. Our customer support is 24/7. You can call us anytime with questions, or if you just want someone to talk to - (415) 488-7077!

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1. Listing is easy, flexible and free.

Rent your spot you’re out of town, daily and... coming soon... monthly! After posting your spot, you can manage your availability and price. ParkPlease charges a small listing fee to the customer so you will always get the price you want.


2. Rest assured, your spot is safe and secure.

You’re in good hands. We are more than a marketplace, we are a community. The ParkPlease team will visit your spot and verify your listing with you. We make sure all the special needs of your spot are understood and communicated to the Driver. Our 24/7 community support means you always have someone to talk to - we got your back!


3. Get paid.

Spot Owners make up to $400 additional monthly income from monetizing their empty parking spots. And anyone with a parking space, even people with cars, can make up to $300 during an event for making their space available. Payment is secure and guaranteed. We pay promptly every month.

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1. Find the perfect spot.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Call us romantic but we are at ParkPlease we believe your dream spot is just around the corner! Compare price, location, and amenities and reserve instantly. Filter through thousands of spots provided by real people in your neighborhood.


2. Park with ease.

Spots are guaranteed and there are no hidden fees. What you see is what you get! ParkPlease personally verifies all spots to ensure that you have all the information you need to park your car safe and secure. We provide 24/7 customer support and you can call us anytime ;)


3. Save money. Save time. Save the environment.

Ok, so we’re not saving whales but you are reducing carbon-emitting traffic searching looking for a spot, and that’s something that you can feel good about - all the while saving precious time and money spent on the hassle of parking. Now that I think of it, you’re my hero!

Ready to get started?


What is ParkPlease?

ParkPlease is an online and mobile service that partners with local driveway & garage owners, school & church lots, small businesses, and parking garages to make more parking spaces available. Drivers can enjoy the convenience of discovering and reserving parking from ParkPlease’s thousands of available spots.

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Who uses ParkPlease?

Spot owners use ParkPlease to make extra cash on their idle real estate and Drivers use ParkPlease to to easily reserve the best parking near them.

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When did ParkPlease start?

ParkPlease launched it’s service in August 2012 for San Francisco’s most popular summer festival, Outside Lands. The service was a success and helped thousands of concert goers discover stress free parking. ParkPlease now serves the whole city of San Francisco, offering parking for anytime of the year and is soon opening it’s doors to other major cities with a parking problem.

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Is ParkPlease real?

Now that’s a pretty deep question, I mean what is 'real' right? But if you mean are we legitimate human beings working hard to make parking stress free? Then yes, we are! Our team is based in San Francisco and you can call us anytime. (415) 488-7077.

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I have to login with Facebook?! I hate logging in with Facebook, what gives?

We know, we know it *Zucks* to log in with Facebook. But, it keeps our community credible and holds users to their personal online reputation. However, stay updated we do plan on creating other ways to validate your legitimacy and participate with ParkPlease :)

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Spot Owner

Why should I list my spot on ParkPlease?

Listing your spot is easy and free – just enter your details into our simple form and then sit back and wait for your check. It is our mission to make parking stress-free for both you and the Driver, so we remove all the headaches of renting your parking spot. We identify the special needs of your spot, take care of all communication to buyers, process payment, manage availability and leave the fun stuff up to you – like price! Spot Owners make up to $400 a month – not too shabby for doing nothing!

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What types of spots can I list?

ParkPlease hosts parking spots for indoor garages, driveways, curbside, and lots. We ask that you only list parking spots that are legally yours to rent and that do not block access to any pedestrian walkways and sidewalks. To ensure clear pedestrian paths you can choose the size of your vehicle during the listing process.

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What if I have more than one spot?

The more the merrier! With ParkPlease you can list and manage multiple spots, but please make sure that no one is getting blocked in.

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How do I know my spot will be safe?

ParkPlease is a parking community and users on both sides have a reputation to maintain. All community members log in and are verified with their Facebook account, this helps our community stay credible.

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What can I charge for my spot?

The price of your spot depends on a number of variables, but the most important one is location. In areas where there is a lot of free parking, people are less inclined to reserve ahead of time. And when there is a big event, prices can spike. Our price calculator suggests rates based on the spot location during the posting process, so you don’t have to guess. A typical daily spot sells for somewhere between $10 - $40.

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What do I do if I have a garage clicker?

You use it to open your garage! Just kidding, we know what you mean. During the listing you can specify that access to your parking garage an exchange with the Driver when they park or before. You can also message the Driver through your Spot Owner Dashboard or send them an email to make arrangements for arrival and departure.

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How do I manage the availability of my spot?

Is your grandma visiting from out of town? Hosting a BBQ in your parking spot? Whatever your reason is, we let you easily manage your availability in your Spot Owner Dashboard by using our calendar feature. Simply select the days your spot is unavailable and you won’t be able to receive reservations for that date.

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How do I get paid?

The question that we really want to know, right? ParkPlease cuts you a check once a month. In your Spot Owner dashboard you can view all future and past payments, so you can know exactly how much to expect and when. We will be offering other options to cash out shortly, stay tuned!

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What’s in it for ParkPlease?

ParkPlease adds a 20% commission on top of your price so you get exactly what you want to be paid and we can still afford our Top Ramen.

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How do I rent for just an event or if I am out of town?

Easy! During the process of listing your spot you can select a specific range of dates to list your spot on a one-time basis. What’s better than coming back home to paycheck after a weekend out? Or how about cashing in on your prime time spot near a major event? Pretty smart if you ask me!

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What is spot verification and why should I do it?

In any community, a good reputation creates trust and safety. At ParkPlease, we follow the same principal. After posting your spot one of our ParkPlease team members will personally follow up with you to confirm your parking spot details and to set up an in person meet up time in front of your parking space. Once verified, your parking spot listing will receive a ‘verified’ status notifying future buyers that your spot was inspected by the ParkPlease team. Of course, the verification process is optional, but more trust = more sales!

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How do I reserve a spot?

On the ParkPlease homepage under the 'Park' tab you can discover which spots are available near your desired location. After selecting the ‘Book Now’ button, you will be taken to a checkout page where you can view all the spot details and choose the dates you wish to park.

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How long do I have the spot for?

You can rent the parking daily, for a range of days at a time, or monthly on a recurring basis. All daily reservation are valid for the entire day from 12am to 11:59pm unless otherwise stated by the Spot Owner.

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What if I need to cancel?

Sure, stuff happens. You can cancel your reservation anytime for a full refund up to 24 hours of the reservation. But to be fair to the seller, if you cancel within 24 hours of the reservation start time then the full amount is owed.

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How can I be sure my spot will be available for me?

ParkPlease personally verifies all spots in the community. We maintain clear communication with our Spot Owners and alert them when they have a reservation. After reserving the spot, we also supply you with the Spot Owners contact information to contact should you need to. You can also call our 24/7 support at (415) 488-7077.

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How does the Spot Owner get my money?

ParkPlease oversees all transactions and pays the Spot Owners directly. Spot Owners will never ask you for cash, besides it's the 21st century who still uses cash? Cash was sooo 1900's.

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